Upcycled Brass Chandelier (gifted)

Upcycled Brass Chandelier

Upcycled Brass Chandelier

This was replaced with a new fixture by my friends at Friendly Electric Heating & Air. The owner, Gabe, was correct in thinking that I might be able to find it a new home. I spray painted it a vintage white and then hand painted the details with metallic paint. It has a new home now, and will be gracing my friend Amanda’s breakfast nook soon. Thanks for keeping it out of a landfill, Gabe!



  1. Amy Glor says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s an upgrade to paint brass. (A few people I know have expressed surprise when I’ve painted over it… like to do so is sacrilege or something. Guess what? Brass is ugly. I say paint it!)
    The chandelier looks great in her new outfit 🙂