Big Funky Chairs

Big Funky ChairsThe other day, I got a text from my friend Deb over some chairs that had been left out for the trash a few blocks away. Imagine my surprise when these were what i found! There are three of these. I refinished one in castle with dark silver metallic glaze and wipe on poly. The other two I plan to do as a set. The lines on these are just incredible. I can’t believe someone threw these out. One person’s trash is most certainly another person’s treasure!

Curb Rescue Table (sold)

table afterThis table was given to me by my friend Rich, when he moved out of his old place. It is thin veneer, so i had to be really gentle sanding it down. Thankfully the old finish had been damaged enough to remove quickly. I used cherry stain coated with poly in some parts of the grain and only polyurethane in others. veneer table beforeThis sold pretty much instantly. 😉

Bench (commissioned)

10959489_437044446447183_4754771675315257451_nThis bench is part of a dining set that I am working on for a lady in town. I sanded it down, primed and painted parts (flat black), and stained the accent areas (miniwax dark walnut). Afterwards, i gave it all a few coats of poly. I really love the way that this turned out. It looks so much cleaner now.