Big Funky Chairs

Big Funky ChairsThe other day, I got a text from my friend Deb over some chairs that had been left out for the trash a few blocks away. Imagine my surprise when these were what i found! There are three of these. I refinished one in castle with dark silver metallic glaze and wipe on poly. The other two I plan to do as a set. The lines on these are just incredible. I can’t believe someone threw these out. One person’s trash is most certainly another person’s treasure!

Upcycled Coffee Table (sold) Red

20140219-235228.jpgI really don’t know how this ended up so goth looking, but I love it. There were some dark marks on the wood that I was unable to sand out, so I decided to use stencils as a distraction. I think it worked! 20140220-090215.jpgI am really into the end result. It’s definitely a conversation piece!

This is for sale. $150. Sold 🙂