Pottery Barn Coffee Table (commissioned)

refinished pottery barn coffee tablecoffee table sanded and wood conditionedThis coffee table belongs to a lady in my town. She and her husband purchas it fifteen years ago. It was one of the very first “grown up” pieces that they ever purchased, and it holds sentimental value for them. This is always my favorite type of work! Easy inspiration. When i picked it up, it had been chewed on by their dog and colored all over by their kids. Thankfully the previous finish had been worn down a lot, so sanding this one was a breeze. Once I got it down to bare wood, i applied some wood conditioner. After that, I restained the top in miniwax dark walnut and sealed it with a few coats of varuthane triplethick. That stuff is pretty magical. When Deb’s husband came to pick this up (he is a police officer and he showed up in uniform, which nearly gave my husband a heat attack), he said that it looks even better than when they first got it. That made me feel so awesome inside. I really love my job.