Upcycled Antique Radio Cabinet (keeper) Antique drop down leaf table (sold)

Almost everything in my house was thrown away by someone else. Seriously.

Yesterday, I finally finished up this old record player. It was abandoned at a storage facility in Edison a few years ago, so I took it home. I used a piece of oak, that I removed from a shelf that someone else threw away, and was able to turn this strange console from trash to treasure.

Upcycled Radio Stereo Console

This table was tossed on the curb in East Brunswick. It had one detached leg, which was easy to repair. I haven’t even finished working on it, but I already love it!



It seems like I get a lot more done for other people’s homes than my own. I’m trying to even it up a little before the holidays hit.

Keep your eyes open and you’ll find treasure too. I can always help you fix it up, you know.