Stuff I do

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I upcycle, refinish, repair, restore,  repurpose, & reupholster furniture and much more. You can view my portfolio here. I am dedicated to saving pieces from the garbage pile, and really love the extra challenging ultra beat up stuff.  If anybody would like me to refunk some pieces, let me know. I pick-up, deliver, and even do same-day in house jobs (from sanding to hand painting and sealing). Reasonable rates and 100% attention to detail. Custom requests are encouraged! I am super friendly and I love to FINISH! Feel free to join our FB page and start a conversation! (I also take baby furniture and refinish for free to needy mothers statewide – I am always accepting donations and families in need, just hit me up!).

Some of my recent jobs include:

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
Furniture Design
Wood Refinishing
Furniture Refinishing
Furniture Restoration
Furniture Painting
Whimsical Furniture
Repairing DIY jobs
Prepping furniture for customer to paint themselves
Creative Painting (distressing, antiquing, glazing, stenciling, hand painting, stain stenciling, shaby chic, clean and modern, mid century modern furniture redesign)
Interior Design
Interior Painting
Faux Finishes
Stencil Floor Designs
Cabinet Refinishing
Custom painted jewelry boxes
Custom painted trunks, etc.

I am pretty much open to doing anything 😉 So, get at me! I look forward to discussing your ideas with you! Just shoot me a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

Bakers Rack (or small island) and stool (sold)

10389124_10206065988833876_2867401631827727813_nwpid-2015-01-23_09.53.18.jpgThis bakers rack was found in the garbage by my friend Mary. It was a little wobby and scratched, but it was a solid piece and in no way worthy of a landfill! I repaired everything, sanded down the top, primed and painted the body and rack in flat black, and sealed that part in clear wax. The top I left natural to get the butcher block look. After sanding it down, i just sealed it in a super durable spar polyurethane. It sold instantly, I love when that happens! haha